2019 Buffalo Tango Marathon
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The 2019
Buffalo Tango Marathon

The City of Good Neighbors once again opens its doors to the international tango community for the Buffalo Tango Marathon from April 26-28, 2019.

Our 6th-annual weekend marathon of milongas features many of the most select dancers from North America in a familiar, intimate, and elegant setting.

The 2019 DJ lineup is composed of renowned talent known across the world, and includes familiar names from major tango events in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Most of all, Buffalo’s hospitality will be on full display! From hosting out-of-town guests to serving up delicious food, our community makes you feel right at home. (fun fact: we’re the reason those tasty, hot-sauce-slathered bits of chicken are called ‘Buffalo wings’)

So, if you love exceptional tango, a beautiful ambiance, and a welcoming community, you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to the Buffalo Tango Marathon.





Schedule & DJs

Friday, April 26

Pizza & Wings Social

Welcome Milonga (DJ Max Stasi)

Saturday April 27


Afternoon Milonga (DJ Amy Zhou)

Vinyl set (DJ Adam Cornett)

”Black & White” Gala Milonga
(DJ Robin Thomas)

Late Night Milonga (DJ Avik Basu)

Sunday April 28


Afternoon Milonga (DJ Max Stasi)

Farewell Milonga (DJ Jani Autio)


Adam Cornett (Chicago)


Adam has been DJ'ing milongas for 15 years. He started with DJ'ing at Portland's famous 50/50 milonga on Wednesday nights and later became the only house DJ for that event as well as DJ'ing his own milonga in Portland. Adam has DJ'd in many cities around the US and in Asia.

He currently loves to DJ from his vinyl collection which he builds every time he goes to Buenos Aires.

Amy Zhou (San Diego)

Amy Zhou DJ Picture.jpg

Amy started tango as a student with the UCLA tango club and the Oxygen Tango school in Los Angeles. After dancing for several years, she began DJ'ing as a way to broaden her study of tango. She finds tango music endlessly fascinating and enjoys studying its depths and variety. Amy is a thoughtful and attentive DJ. She understands that good music is essential for having a memorable evening of dancing. Her music responds to the energy of the milonga and inspires expressive and deeply connected dance experiences. Amy DJs regularly in California as well as at festival and marathons across the United States.

Avik Basu (Ann Arbor)


Avik began his tango journey in 2002 and has since become a highly sought after DJ, playing at many of the major tango events in North America. Some of his more interesting adventures include DJ'ing Monday night at Salon Canning, teaching tango to a Bollywood actress in Mumbai, India, and touring the U.S. with tango band Trio Folias. 

As a DJ, his foundation is built on Golden Age classics but he also enjoys pushing the boundaries of the familiar and offering dancers the chance to explore something new.

Jani Autio (Toronto)


Jani began his love affair with tango in 2006 and started DJ'ing in 2010 after having spent eight months absorbing the music played in the milongas of Buenos Aires. That experience taught him the importance of paying close attention to the dancers and the mood on the piso. When making his own musical selections, he strives for the perfect balance between high energy and tranquil melodiousness, between simplicity and complexity, much like a diver who paces his descent into the ocean depths—and comes up for air once in a while.

Max Stasi (Milan)


Max began dancing and collecting tango music in 1999, and started DJ'ing in 2006. OVer his career he has collaborated with most of the major milongas in the Milan area plus northern/central Italy, and regularly DJs at international Marathons/Encuentros/Milongas in Europe, North America, and Asia. By improvising his tandas and transitions, Max uniquely shapes the music for every event to the rhythmic and emotional energy of the dancers and the venue. For Max, “a Tango DJ gig is like a great Red Wine: complex, spicy, bold, intense, harmonic … and after each sip you immediately want the next”.

Robin Thomas (New York)


Robin began DJ'ing 16 years ago when the concept of a tango DJ didn’t exist as tandas of tango, vals, and milonga with cortinas in between them. Robin pushed this format until it became the standard we all recognize, today. Robin has DJ’d in D.C., L.A., Denver, Portland, Miami, and some of the biggest festivals in North America, as well as Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Berlin, Seoul, Shanghai, and Buenos Aires. Robin currently runs NYC’s Nocturne, one of the largest monthly milongas in the US, and until recently the legendary RoKo, which was the largest weekly milonga in the US.





VENUE, Lodging, Libations & Cuisine



Lodging & Accommodations

Hosting options are VERY limited and not guaranteed, at this time.
Check this space or the event’s Facebook page for future updates.

To be placed on a waiting list for hosting options, please make a submission on our Help page. Please refrain from emailing community members directly, as doing so will only confuse the process and may cost you your potential spot.

Hosts and guests will be matched on a first-ask, first-matched basis, with preference given to registered guests.

Here’s a handy link to nearby Airbnb options for the duration of the Buffalo Tango Marathon. BOOK EARLY! There are several other somethings afoot that weekend that appear to be stressing the hotel stock.


From familiar chains to boutique hotels, Buffalo has over 3,000 rooms in the downtown area, all within 15 minutes drive from the marathon venue. If you’d like specific recommendations, feel free to ask us on our Help page. A marathon team member will get back to you promptly.

Places to eat & Drink

Buffalo is very proud of its culinary heritage! Here’s a special nearby restaurant guide for all you tango travelers.

  • Ashker’s Juice Bar & Café
    (fresh juice, coffee, pastries)
    414 Amherst St (716) 235-8328
    Fri: 6:00 am - 9:00 pm, Sat: 6:00 am - 9:00 pm, Sun: Closed

  • Sophia’s
    (comfort food)
    749 Military Road  716-447-9661  Breakfast  open 7:30am-3pm

  • The Phoenix
    (casual dining)
    269 Amherst Street  716-259-9271     open  Fri and Sat 5-11pm

  • The Dapper Goose
    (upscale dining)
    491 Amherst Street  716-551-0716   open  Fri/Sat 5pm-11pm , Sun 11-3, 5-9pm

  • The Gypsy Parlor
    (great drinks, great food, quirky atmosphere)
    376 Grant Street  716-551-0001  
    open  Fri  2:30pm-4am, Sat 5pm-4am, Sun 11am-4pm.

  • Wegman’s Market & Café
    (everything you could possibly want food-wise)
    601 Amherst St. (716) 877-0500
    Open Daily: 6am – Midnight

  • Amherst Street Wine & Liquor
    (huge selection, great prices)
    601 Amherst St. (716) 710-5940
    Fri & Sat 9am-9pm, Sun 12pm-6pm

  • Pastry by Camille / Maison le Caer
    (authentic french cuisine in a casual atmosphere, with the best macarons this side of the Siene)
    1416 Hertel Ave (646) 239-8992
    Fri: 9am-10pm, Sat: 9am-10pm, Sun: 9am-4pm

  • The Tabernacle
    (Café and light dining)
    220 Grant Street  716-883-1738



2018 Buffalo Tango Marathon FLASHBACKS

Photography by Steven Thull ©2018


Who’s coming?

(We know you want to know 😉)

Updated 3-April


Adam C. (Chicago)

Adolfo C. (Ann Arbor)

Adrian S. (Toronto)

Aimee L. (Philadelphia)

Albert D. (Toronto)

Alex N. (Toronto)

Alexa L. (Ann Arbor)

Alexey C. (Ridgewood)

Allison S. (Ann Arbor)

Alyssa J. (Ann Arbor)

Amy Z. (San Diego)

Ana G. (Toronto)

Andrea P. (Princeton)

Andrzej W. (Buffalo)

Anna K. (Chicago)

Anne F. (Dover)

Astrid C. (Toronto)

Autumn A. (Los Angeles)

Avik B. (Ann Arbor)

Barbra K. (DC)

Bogdan K. (Toronto)

Brian M. (Buffalo)

Brynn D. (NYC)

Carlos D. (Santa Fe)

Christine P. (Glastonbury)

Christine H. (Buffalo)

Christopher R. (Brookhaven)

Claire C. (Buffalo)

Craig C. (Buffalo)

Craig H. (Cleveland)

Dagny M. (NYC)

Dan H. (Buffalo)

David Z. (DC)

Delia D. (Toronto)

Diane W. (Buffalo)

Dmytro K. (Tampa)

Ekaterina K. (Buffalo)

Elzbieta D. (Fort Erie)

Emanuel R. (Mississauga)

Emma R. (Ann Arbor)

Eunice C. (Ridgewood)

Fernanda V. (San Francisco)

Fernando R. (Hartford)

Gabriel M. (DC)

Gilberto V. (DC)

Gözde Ç. (Chicago)

Guangye C. (Detroit)

Hee T. (Tampa)

Hoang V. (NYC)

Hsing-Ta C. (Philadelphia)

Igor R. (Toronto)

Ilona P. (Toronto)

Ivan M. (Buffalo)

Jani A. (Toronto)

Joaquin C. (Buffalo)

John M. (Buffalo)

Julie M. (DC)

Junko B. (Toronto)

Justin R. (Columbus)

Kasia H. (Brookhaven)

Katerina A. (Toronto)

Katherine O. (DC)

Katie G. (Boston)

Kimberly P. (Buffalo)

Kristina A. (Toronto)

Kyle K. (San Diego)

Lena B. (Buffalo)

Leonie E. (Toronto)

Liga L. (Toronto)

Linda C. (Pittsburgh)

Lisa C. (DC)

Lixin L. (Ann Arbor)

Lucinda V. (Toronto)

Lucja A. (London)

Lydia T. (Buffalo)

Maria T. (Indianapolis)

Marina G. (Chicago)

Marsha G. (Toronto)

Mary B. (Niagara Falls)

Matthew D. (Ann Arbor)

Matthew K. (Ann Arbor)

Max M. (Cinncinnati)

Max S. (Milan)

Munro J. (NYC)

Nabil E. (Chicago)

Namit G. (NYC)

Nanying Y. (Boston)

Naomi H. (Chicago)

Natalia Z. (Toronto)

Ngoc P. (Los Angeles)

Nicholas I. (Los Angeles)

Nicola C. (Toronto)

Nikolai K. (Ithaca)

Olesya P. (Boston)

Pancho C. (Montreal)

Paul T. (Toledo)

Pierre N. (NYC)

Rainee V. (Buffalo)

Raissa K. (Ithaca)

Ramzi B. (Nashville)

Robin T. (NYC)

Sam M. (DC)

Samuel G. (Sterling Heights)

Shasha B. (Columbus)

Simona C. (Buffalo)

Steve S. (Buffalo)

Steven Y. (Toronto)

Steven T. (Rochester)

Susan L. (Toronto)

Tatiana G. (Boston)

Thuy P. (NYC)

Tugrul A. (Toronto)

Vaino T. (Toronto)

Vanya P. (Vancouver)

Vikyath R. (Boston)

Viviana F. (Toledo)

William C. (Buffalo)

Wolfgang S. (Ithaca)

Yelena S. (Ann Arbor)

Yelena V. (Ann Arbor)

Yuliya P. (Toronto)

Yves C. (Boston)






Registration is now closed.

See you in 2020!